Devil’s Golf Course is the exact opposite of what you experience at Badwater. While latter is a perfect flat place, Devil’s Golf Course is a vast area of irregular and razor sharp pillars formed of salt crystals.

The name given to this place really seems to have hit the nail on the head.

Practical advices:

You might need three things to walk around and take your images: sturdy shoes to avoid any injuries to your feet while dodging the pillars, gloves to protect your hands as you often will have to balance yourself on the pillars as the ground is very irregular and last but not least some padding to kneel on when taking your shots.

Getting there:

The access to the this area is extremely easy. You start at Furnace Creek and will drive on Route 178 for about 12 miles. Turn right on Salt Pool Road and drive to the very end of it. You are now surrounded by a bizarr looking landscape. Walk around a little bit in search of ‘your spot’. This might take a while as you want to get to an area were the crystals have not been damaged by anyone. The one’s near the parking area are worn down due to people walking all over them.

Taking shots:

The best time to be there and take your shots is late in the day around sunset. A wide angle lens might be a good choice as you want to get as close as possible to one of these pillars to have details of the salt crystals in the foreground.

Last update: April 2, 2014