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Water in the Desert

One-fifth of our Earth’s land surface is covered by deserts. These vast lands receive in average 10 inches rain or less each year. The rain is erratic and can be absent for years and then present in overwhelming abundance. The unpredictable cycles of endless absence and sudden abundance are life threatening. Life in the desert struggles with these extremes, while at the same time the same water relentlessly sculpts the deserts. The landscape is mostly devoid of vegetation and susceptible to erosion, shaping canyons, arroyos, cañoncitos, ravines, narrows, washes, chasms and pans. The anatomy of a desert has no other profession but the moving of water.

My newest portfolio follows the paths of water through these arid worlds. You will find images of North American and African deserts. By the end of this year I might be able to extend the collection with images of South American and Arabian Peninsula deserts.