There is no journey, road, trail, location too far or weather conditions too adverse for Peter Boehringer to follow the call and explore and photograph the American southwest deserts.


I had the luck of growing up in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Its breathtaking nature was the backdrop for my first Black & White experiments. I got my first SLR camera at age 14. I processed my films and crafted the prints in my school’s darkroom. After completion of my professional education as a physician I moved to Switzerland first and then 10 years later to California.

Its captivating landscapes, the tremendous improvement of digital SLR cameras and the digital darkroom rekindled my passion – landscape photography, especially in the American Southwest. The latter made me finally move to New Mexico 2010.

I love moody skies and extreme weather conditions, but my favorite time to photograph is dusk and dawn – when you share the space with nature. These early and late moments in the day mean leaving my sleeping bag as early as 3:30 am in the summer months or returning to my tent at midnight to be on location when light is at the right moment.

The mood and atmosphere in the twilight hours are pure religion. I believe the essence of a good landscape shot comes down to exact composition, timing and light. Applying oneself closely to these fleeting elements are the essential components of any landscape photograph. Mastering these technical aspects is a constant study which I find to be challenging and rewarding.

I gladly share my expertise and provide photo adventures off-the-beaten-path throughout the American Southwest, Bolivia, Brazil, Iceland, Italy and Namibia. Check out my photo tours, workshops and individualized tours.


Digital photography, social media and modern travel patterns changed nature & landscape photography radically. The amount of people visiting the wilderness increased over the last two decades exponentially. Nature is coping poorly with the increased human presence. It is time that we all, who value nature and photography, question our behavior out there and prioritize the well-being of nature over photography. As such I support the entities Leave no Traces, Nature First, Bears Ears Inter-Tribal Coalition and Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance.

Leave no Traces Nature First
Bears Ears Inter-Tribal Coalition Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance