Peter Boehringer is a physician by trade and he takes people along with him on his trips because he enjoys the company and the opportunity to help people get to know and photograph the Southwest. His goal is to have a pleasant, safe trip with artistic value photography as a result. We share gear, ideas, and experiences. We will not be going anyplace on public lands that are not generally open to the public. No photographs you take on public lands may be used to promote the sale or use of a product or service. We will not do any “commercial filming” as defined in the Code of Federal Regulations.

We will respect nature, leave only footprints where we are allowed to leave footprints, and take only our images, memories, and friendships home with us.


Digital photography, social media and modern travel patterns changed nature & landscape photography radically. The amount of people visiting the wilderness increased over the last two decades exponentially. Nature is coping poorly with the increased human presence and in particular abusive and non considerate behavior. It is time that we all, who value nature and photography, question our demeanor out there and prioritize the well-being of nature over photography. As such we support the entities Leave no Traces, Nature First, Bears Ears Inter-Tribal Coalition and Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance. We particularly encourage people to review the two first entities and possibly join the effort by supporting them morally and financially.

Disclaimer, Leave no Traces Disclaimer, Nature First
Disclaimer, Bears Ears Inter-Tribal Coalition Disclaimer, Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance