Peter did a fantastic job and what is most important is that he truly cares about the group. Highly recommended!

Petros Paranikas, Illinois

The Lake Powell Photography Workshop was exactly the trip I didn’t know I needed. The scenery was majestic, and the atmosphere was calm and relaxing. It’s a very unique and special place. The comradery with other seasoned photographers from diverse backgrounds highlighted the trip, and offered a tremendous opportunity to learn and share experiences. What a brilliant idea to partner with Phase One for this trip, I can’t think of a better way to evaluate the camera system and start my path to becoming an expert!

Joe Stam, Illinois

This is my second adventure with Fourcorners Photography and far exceeded my expectations with “Monument Valley and Beyond Workshop”. What makes Peter’s workshops special is the small group size, providing more time to photograph and interact with other guest and our guide/photographer. Peter organized Native American guides to take us deep into Monument Valley, as required by the Navajo Nation. This trip left me with three memorable memories and photographs. 1) our native guides gave us insight into their culture and how they respect their lands. 2) Photographing petroglyphs, which I find fascinating and in wonderment of their meaning. 3) Ancient ruins and how they were built and used.

This photographic adventure was unique for its remoteness, group size and amazing backdrop of Monument Valley while exploring other areas outside Monument Valley.

James Cabañas, California

The 8-day photo tour with you is an unforgettable and an exceptional experience for me. I am still trying to comprehend and reflect what I learned from the area, the scenery, the off-roading through deep sand, the overnights in the tent and last but not least the photographic opportunities and the resulting images. As soon as getting home, I went through all my images (phone, camera and drone). Some are really my personal best. The locations you took us were of an amazing beauty. You managed to take us to each location at the very right moment of the day, resulting in images with perfect point of view and light conditions. Your direction and guidance allowed us to get the most of each location.

Thank your for your great effort to make the photo tour a very safe, extremely fulfilling and real fun trip. I truly look forward to meet you in the near future!

Ron Wang, New York

I recently had an opportunity to participate in Peter’s photography workshop in Namibia, and it was an amazing experience! The breathtaking landscapes we explored during the workshop were nothing short of awe-inspiring. From the otherworldly dunes of the Namib Desert to the diverse wildlife of Etosha National Park, every location we visited was a photographer’s dream.

What truly amazed me was not just the stunning scenery, but also the quantity and quality of the photos I captured during the trip. The workshop provided the perfect environment to hone my photography skills, and I left with a portfolio of images that I am truly proud of.

I owe much of the great experience to our photography guide Peter, who was not only a master of the craft but also a patient and encouraging teacher. He visited Namibia many times and his knowledge about Namibia was invaluable.

Overall, this photography workshop in Namibia was an unforgettable journey of both artistic and personal growth. I would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone passionate about photography and the wonders of Namibia.

Laura Lin, California

Peter is a true renaissance man with high level skills in a variety of areas. He is a talented photographer with extensive experience in back country areas of the American Southwest. Best of all, he warmly shares his knowledge.

Greg Czarnecki, Michigan

I’d like to thank you both (Peter and Willa Wei) for your time and efforts organizing the Namibia Tour, February 2023.

We came home with lots of beautiful photos and fond memories, even those not captured by our cameras. The breathtaking scenery, the encounters of magnificent animals, the kindness and warmth of the local guides/people will be our treasured memories for life. In addition, the zoom meetings before and after the trip are really helpful.

Peter, despite our bumpy start, I really appreciate your well prepared maps and instructions, your photography tips at Deadvlei and Lüderitz. I was particularly impressed by your ability to accommodate everyone’s interests during the complicated Sossusvlei arrangements. I also appreciate your encouragement throughout the trip.

Likewise, Willa, we benefited from your expertise in astrophotography and all. Getting up in the middle of the night was hard, but you were there with us, with your injury. Your dedication and braveness is impressive (but not encouraged…). Meanwhile, I’d like to let you know that we see how you tried to satisfy everyone’s needs.

So thank you both, for your experience, your willingness to share, your dedication and all your efforts!

Min Zhang, California

This trip to the Red Rock Country was an adventure of a lifetime. The Jeep and trailer were well equipped and provided everything we needed for a few days in the back country. I especially loved the warm shower! The locations were superb and by camping nearby provided sunrise and sunset opportunities we would have missed otherwise. The finale drive and overnight at Hunt’s Mesa was the icing on the cake. AMAZING!!! Thanks for a wonderful experience!
I have to say that this trip was the BEST adventure to date for me. I thoroughly enjoyed all of it. And you definitely got me out of my “comfort zone”. I will be recommending you and especially this type of trip to others.

Vivian Sullenberger, Georgia

I had a fantabulous time to say the least! And yes, I do already miss the good times we’ve had this past week.
Great plan to start with and you really made it an amazing trip. Your expertise and luck favored us to make it a very productive photo trip. I just backed up my images and started going through them. I am positive I’ll have a good number of keepers.
Great time! I’m looking forward to doing this again. Thanks for taking such good care of us during the trip. Incredible fun!

Ramaswamy Ranganthan, Washington State

Thank you so much for taking us to some epic locations on our recent trip. You were an excellent guide and driver. We are still pouring over our photos from the trip. So glad we did this. You managed to get us to locations that many do not see. Plus you were a good host providing us with transportation, tents, and amenities for camping. Much appreciated.

Mary Hulett, New Mexico

I joined Peter’s Namibia Photography Tour March 2022. We spent long hours before dawn and at sunset working to catch just the right light in just the right places. Peter’s organizing skills and knowledge of the country made all the difference. It was a fantastic experience to work with other photographers guided by Peter’s light touch – he knows just how much to hint at without directing our ideas and images. The trip was a great success. Peter plans to do it again, and I urge anyone who’s ever wanted to shoot the great dunes at Sossusvlei in the proper light, or any of the other fabulous scenes of Namibia, to go there with him.

Daniel Kohanski, California

Hope all is well on your side with the second Namibia Photography Tour group. We all safely returned to the U.S. This trip was a great success, and we truly appreciate your invaluable guidance. Will look forward to having the next trip with you.
I made a 2-minute video for this Namibia trip as I have increasingly shot more videos than still pictures in recent years.

Michael Zheng, Texas

I thought you were first rate compared to other photo guides I have been with. Many go to the location, select the best photo angle for themselves and then tell their paying customers to get set up. They will be there over and over again while their paying customers usually have a once in a life time opportunity. You were careful not to do this and put us first, something that I really appreciated. Plus you took us to some marvelous and wondrous photo places that I would never have gotten to on my own. It was a remarkable time both photographically and adventurous. A winning combination that can’t be beat. For that, I thank you.

Deborah Mecum, California

First, just want to let you know I had a blast on this trip. Experienced some very unique rock formations to photograph each day. The small group size made it possible to get to know the other guest and easy to modify each shooting sessions with other shooting options. Having all the camping equipment made traveling with our own equipment easy too. As someone who travels to many National Parks/Monuments, I had a peace of mind that you had all the proper permits, if required, to explore and photograph. Your commitment to respecting and preserving this fragile environment was well noted, from someone who practices “leave no trace behind”. Thank you for your hospitality.

James Cabañas, California

Thank you so much for such an amazing adventure. We really appreciate your patience with us first-timers and made us feel successful and empowered with our limited ability.
Looking forward to our next adventure at Lake Powell, October 2022!

Henry Lam & Debbie Bergvall, California

This was an incredible and magical experience. I truly enjoyed your company, friendship and the adventure – what a memorable experience (backpacking to Reflection Canyon at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area and staying an overnight there).
My images turned out fantastic. The perfectly still conditions helped with the reflections! Of course I would have liked some dramatic clouds but I am glad to have hiked out there and I am glad to have done it with you!

Noel Victor, California

Lake Powell/Glen Canyon is a photographer’s paradise with infinite possibilities of making unique images that just stand out and I’m glad I got to explore this region with both Peter and Kent. Lake Powell is one of the lesser photographed areas in the Great American Southwest and for good reason too – most areas are off the beaten path, not easily accessible and are not even visible to the eye. Exploring such an area requires two things – expertise in the geography of the area itself and a lot of planning for logistics.

Everything about this trip starting from initial enquiries via email, to pre-trip information, to all logistics were handled in a most satisfactory manner. Peter is clearly experienced in all aspects of both getting around Lake Powell and knowing which places to go to maximize photographic potential.

As far as photographic aspects are concerned, Peter is very flexible. He can either guide you in terms of what to look for photographically, or is just willing to leave you to explore the area to see what catches your eye. The combination of towering buttes, hoodoos, narrow canyons and the lake ensured that I came away with a number of unique shots that I will not be able to take anywhere else. Additionally, the dark skies above Lake Powell are an added bonus if you are into night photography.

The trip concluded with an overnight session at Hunt’s Mesa which was also very well organized. Photography at Hunts Mesa was very memorable due to a very unique set of weather conditions which resulted in another great experience.

I am really looking forward to the next iteration of this tour!

Ramu Ramaswamy, India

The trip on Lake Powell and Monument Valley with Peter left me with the fondest of memories. Peter was amazing! It surpassed my expectations of relaxation mixed with a bit of adventure and breathtaking photo opportunities! Peter was an excellent host paying attention to details and the needs of his guests. He willing shared photographic knowledge and tips, organized amazing shoots and cooked incredible breakfasts! I cannot wait to go on my next journey with him.

Monica Cioffi, New Mexico

The guided tour of Glen Canyon/Lake Powell & Hunts Mesa gave us the access to remote locations which we would have never reached by ourselves.
We will never forget the last camping, freezing night at Hunts Mesa and waking up to snow on the ground and the view of Monument Valley bellow us.
“Almost Heaven”… worth every freezing moment!.
Thank you Peter for your knowledge, planning, teaching, and execution.
We felt safe at all times and we will highly recommend this photo tour to nature lovers!

Elsa D’Ellis, New Mexico

The trip was outstanding, providing photo opportunities that most people would never have. Because the water was high we were unable to hike the slot canyon; but, because of the reflections due to the high water levels, and doing it by boat, it may have been better. Rainbow Bridge was particularly good, not only the arch and formations, but the reflections of formations on the hike to the bridge. Although our time was limited at Cathedral Canyon, we would not want to have missed it … spectacular!
There was a time at Hunt’s Mesa, in the middle of the night in our tent, 26 degree weather with high winds, we were so cold that we wondered if the trip was worth it; but, after getting the photos of the formations from the top of the mesa with the high definition caused by the snow, it definitely was!

Bill D’Ellis, New Mexico

My wife and myself discovered Peter’s website by googling some remote places (Reflection Canyon among others) a few years ago (2017). We love the American Southwest and its wonderful landscapes but some destinations are more difficult to reach especially if, like us, you don’t have navigation skills. In this case a guide is mandatory, first of all for your safety but also because a guide will know the area and its hidden beauties much better than you. Then again, a lot of tour operators will just offer standard and unpersonalised tours; we were looking for a custom and private tour which is something not easy to get. When we started communicating with Peter, we immediately found out he’s a person you can talk with; he’s not a “smoke seller”, he will tell you what is doable and what not and together with him you will be able to plan the best possible itinerary. In 2017, we ended up not booking the trip but stayed in touch with Peter and started to follow him on Flickr which is something we recommend to do; he definitely has a gift for taking pictures which will inspire you to get out there and see the world. In 2019 we finally met in person and discovered an easygoing person who will make its best possible to ensure your trip turns out how you expected (possibly even better).

Elvira & Dario Revelant, Luxemburg

Peter is a fantastic expedition leader and carefully guided us to one of the best photo locations I have seen. Getting to Reflection Canyon is not easy, and Peter allowed for a timely, safe, and exciting adventure. The trip was well planned and his communication before, during, and after was clear and accurate. I would certainly use him as a guide for other photography trips and locations, as his careful process, location knowledge, planning, and execution is superb. Thank you!

CJ Berzin, New Jersey

The trip to Lake Powell is very memorable, especially the camaraderie felt amongst the photographers. Some locations were a little bit challenging to get to and I appreciated greatly the help I received from Peter, Ken, and other photographers. This time of the year, Lake Powell was very quiet. Although the water level this year was too high, we still managed some really nice shots. The house boat plus the motor boat made it very convenient for us to get to lots of good photo spots. I highly recommend this photo tour.

Sifang Chu, Texas

I thought that the workshop was well done and the sites selected were excellent even though the high lake level eliminated some locations. The 53 foot houseboat was very comfortable yet small enough to get to the Rainbow Bridge access dock. I learned several things – like how to use leading lines in a photograph. The cost of the tour was very reasonable – much less that what one would pay for an Arizona Highways workshop. I would rate this tour a 9 out of 10. The only negative comment was that our powerboat was overloaded. If you should do a workshop like this again you might want to rent a larger powerboat or put limitations on the amount of photo gear taken aboard the small boat. It was indeed a pleasure to spend time with you and Kent. Finally, thanks for the recommendation of Fiesta Mexicana in Page. I had the mole chicken enchiladas. Muy bueno.

Frank Gutsch, Texas

Im Herbst 2016 hatte ich die Gelegenheit, Peter zusammen mit einigen anderen Hobbyfotografen auf einer seiner Hausboottouren auf dem Lake Powell zu begleiten. Im Anschluss verbrachten wir mit Hilfe seines voll ausgestatteten Jeeps noch zwei Tage in White Pocket und Cottonwood Cove.

Die gesamte Tour wurde von Peter sehr sorgfältig organisiert, geplant und durchgeführt. Sei es als Hausbootkapitän oder als Fahrer seines Jeeps im Sand von Vermilion Cliffs. Er legte dabei jederzeit zunächst die höchste Priorität auf unsere Sicherheit und gleich danach auf das beste Licht und den besten Ort unter den jeweils gegebenen Bedingungen. Peter gab mir bei dieser Reise nicht nur die Möglichkeit großartige Fotos mit nach Hause zu nehmen, ich habe auch ebenso unvergessliche Erinnerungen an großartige Momente unter freiem Himmel, zusammen mit netten Menschen.

Peter kennt den amerikanischen Südwesten sehr gut und sprichwörtlich wie seine Westentasche. Dank ihm waren wir mit unseren Kameras zur richtigen Zeit an Orten, an die wir ohne sein Wissen und seine Erfahrung nicht gelangt wären. Darüberhinaus ist er in meinen Augen ein hervorragender Fotograf mit dem gleichen hohen Anspruch an seine Fototouren wie an seine Bilder. Er war immer offen und bereit sein Wissen mit uns zu teilen und stets sehr bestrebt, seine Gäste in die optimale Ausgangslage zu bringen, die besten Fotos zu machen.

Es dürfte schwierig sein, für einen ähnlich guten Preis vergleichbare Touren zu finden, die fotografisch so viel zu bieten haben und bei denen man gleichzeitig seine Leidenschaft für das Leben “Outdoor” so gut ausleben kann. Ich hoffe, bald wieder mit Peter auf Tour gehen zu können!

Daniel Richter, Germany

Peter’s guided tours permit photographers access to remote locations normally difficult to arrange oneself. This was the case on our tour of Glen Canyon/Lake Powell and Vermilion Cliffs National Monument. He managed all arrangements to procure a sizable and comfortable houseboat for the five of us who joined him on Lake Powell for four days. He also drove his modified four-wheel drive Jeep through the sharp rocks and deep sand of Vermilion Cliffs to get our group to White Pocket and South Coyote Buttes in time for sunrise and sunset photography.

His knowledge of the Four Corners region is vast and his experience in photography allows him to serve as a valuable resource for questions regarding photography and equipment. Due to his leadership and assistance, I came away with several fine photographs on the trip and I hope to take one of his tours again in the near future.

Lucas Cometto, Washington State

Peter Boehringer is a professional’s professional, both as a guide and as a photographer. Because he is an excellent photographer, he is an excellent judge of where to be at what time of day so his clients get the best photos. Given that fact and his utterly reasonable fees, I recommend his trips highly. You could pay many thousands of dollars more and get far less for your money.

He will help you take your photography to the next level.

Kent Winchester, New Mexico

The first time I came across the picture for reflection canyon was in 2014, I have to say it was amazing. Recently, I searched some articles and found the Peter’s photograph website about the trip to reflection canyon. I joined him without hesitation since he is so experienced about backpacking and hiking which I can tell from his homepage.

I took some pictures in the Bisti Badlands and Monument Valley before we arrived at Escalante. Those sunset and sunrise moments was nice. The “trail” to reflection canyon was really tough, but Peter had every in his mind and I just followed him. The sunrise there was unforgettable, and with the help of Peter I took pictures I want.

The last stop we camped was the San Juan Gooseneck State Park. The natural curve made the canyon looks special. One more for sunrise. I have to say the Southwest is a place deserve going for many many times. Since every spot is good for sunrise or sunset.

Thank you for Peter’ guide, equipment and organizing such a fantastic tour.

Kan He, China

As avid Ed Abbey fans and red rock country hikers, we never imagined taking a houseboat trip on Lake Powell. But we are so glad we seized the opportunity when some of our Flickr friends suggested we join in. It was a fantastic chance to experience and photograph the remote canyon country, nearly inaccessible by foot, and to get an inkling of the beautiful and powerful landscape of Glen Canyon! Amidst the beauty, we added to our knowledge of the early exploration of the area, and shared stories and local lore with our houseboat companions as we traversed the Lake.

Peter expertly maneuvered the houseboat up the arms of Glen Canyon, no easy feat in some of the narrow winding side canyons or where there were hidden underwater buttes, to find coves for mooring, where we could camp, or set out on foot or kayak.

Hiking on the slick rock to vast viewpoints was incredible, past beautiful petrified sand dunes, rock formations, and potholes, some as large as a horse, some filled with oases of desert plants. Stormy or clear blue skies afforded equally interesting landscape photos. Peter had a great sense where to set up for a perfect shot, and he was always happy to share his extensive knowledge of photography.

In addition to the stunning scenery, we especially enjoyed the camaraderie of our house boat mates.

We loved getting to know these friends we’d only known through their photos. The houseboat had plenty of space – the top deck afforded fresh air, fantastic views, shade, and a cool breeze. We had many relaxing hours cruising to our destinations watching the monuments and canyons drift by.

Peter’s detailed planning and organization made the trip very easy and relaxing, and we enjoyed the trip without any worries. In addition to his excellent photographic skill, Peter has a wonderful sense of humor, and an eager sense of adventure! Peter has great orienteering skills, is very responsible, and his top priority is to keep everyone safe while having fun. We’d love to do another trip with Peter!

Jen Hall-Bowman & Bill Bowman, Colorado

Peter’s vast experience both photographing and camping in some of the most remote areas of the desert Southwest made him the clear choice when trying to set up a summer trip to these difficult-to-reach formations. Unlike the nearby Wave, whose trailhead can usually be reached with a regular passenger car, the roads to White Pocket and Coyote Buttes South have well-deserved reputations as some of the most difficult and dangerous in the lower 48: jagged rocks, lengthy sand traps, and a propensity for saddling inexperienced motorists with extremely expensive towing bills. Throw in triple-digit heat during the summer months, and you can see why even someone with experience photographing in this part of the world would want to minimize the risk by going with a veteran guide.

Peter not only got me where I needed to go, but got me there safely and at the right time to take full advantage of the best light — not an easy thing to do in late June, when sunrise comes as early as 5 a.m. Add in Peter’s gracious manner, attention to detail (like a portable shower, which proved a real godsend after a day of sweating it out in 105-degree heat), and willingness to share professional tips; and you can see why I consider my trip with Peter to be one of the best photographic experiences of my life: he not only helped me achieve what I set out to do, but put me in a position to get a lot more out of future trips to the region. Highly recommended.

Kenneth Crawford, Kansas

I had the privilege of doing 5 tours with Peter over the last 5 years. Each of these tours were 2 weeks of pure photography adventure. I visited once the Eastern Sierra Nevada (Mono Lake and Death Valley) and four comprehensive explorations of the American Southwest (Zion NP, Bisti Badlands, North Coyote Buttes, White Pocket, Lake Powell, Moab, just to mention some …).
I cannot have enough and I still plan to do others trips with Peter to pursue further exploration.

I am more than satisfied on how the tours were planned and organized. I succeed to get to remote places which I would otherwise have never reached by myself, either thanks to the use of Peter’s high clearance Jeep (to access Toroweap Point for example), or by advanced backpacking (The Narrows top to bottom and Reflection Canyon).

Moreover, I benefited from the very good knowledge of Southwest areas to also discover places I have never heard before.

Each time an unexpected event occurred and an efficient solution was proposed to maintain the plan or a good alternative to replace the original plan was at hand.

Yves Lavignasse, France

Peter did a great job leading our group on a several day photo adventure. He completed scouted the area to make sure we got the photos that we requested, and that we had a prime location for the lunar eclipse. Our group had a wide range of photographic knowledge and hiking ability and he made sure we all were looked after on both points. Even camping out overnight to shoot the lunar eclipse, several miles from the cars, we felt safe and secure at all times. Throw in that his price was very reasonable, we are looking forward to taking a trip with Peter again. Even after it was over we continue to share different photos we each have taken, and he offers post processing advice to me. Peter is a great guide, and I can now count him as a friend.

Steve Brown, Colorado

I am a London based photographer and was researching a new project online when I came across Peter’s site offering photo tours in the Southwest USA.

Peter’s photography and style stood out from the many others offering photo tour services. Throughout our pre tour communications he was happy to offer sound advice and devise an itinerary to suit my timing.

I work to tight schedules and Peter’s knowledge and experience on getting to extremely remote locations was invaluable.

Working in extreme desert locations requires careful planning and precautions and I was very impressed by Peter’s diligence.

Thank you for a great trip.

Richard Waite, United Kingdom

I have a special passion for landscape photography and I put a lot of effort to return home with as many as possible images which I pre-visualized while planning a trip.

My photographic travels took me so far to Western Europe including Bretagne (France), the Swiss Alps (Wallis and Graubünden), as well as to Fagnes (Belgium).

My long time dream was to photograph the American Southwest which harbors one of the finest landscapes in the world. However, even the best preparation does not guaranty a good outcome as there are many too variables playing into the equation. Getting to a remote place, finding the right composition, being there at the right time of the day are all very real challenges to be tackled. All this might cost you too much time especially if this is a trip to a foreign country where you never have been before.

Peter was absolutely the right guy to provide me with the infrastructure allowing me to return home with lots of awesome pictures. I never ever would have been able to pull this on my own. He organized everything from the very beginning to the end flawless – hotels, transport to the most remote areas, being at the right spot at the right time.

At the end of these two weeks, I had much more than the pictures I dreamed of: lots of good memories, a good guide and great friend, lots of awesome pictures and a strong desire getting back to the American Southwest very soon …

Thank you Peter!

Didier Keus, Belgium

I consider myself a seasoned and well experienced photographer that travelled all continents with exception of Antartica, so far. The photographic opportunities of the American Southwest have always captivated me the most and being responsible for three trips to the US which were all organized by me. However, for my 4th trip I wanted something different. My desire was to get off the beaten path and I choose Peter to come up with an exquisite and extensive itinerary. I lucked out as the guy took me to places that I even never had heard off and I never had seen pictures off.

Experiencing places such as the famous Subway at Zion National Park and South Coyote Buttes and White Pocket at Vermillion Cliffs Wilderness was absolutely mind boggling. These were places that I NEVER would have been able to access without Peter’s expertise and infrastructure. Even places that I thought knowing quite well from my previous trips, for example Monument Valley, he surprised me by arranging access to Hunt’s Mesa, Tear Drop Arch, Mystery Valley and to the proximity of Totem Pole.

I came back home with photographic material that is truly unique! Have a look at my images that I got during this tour and you will understand what I mean.

Just some words about Peter: I spend 2 weeks on the road with him. He is excellent. He knows the business and shows great dedication to what he does. Every step of the trip was very well organized and executed. At the end of the trip I did not just have a great guide, but more important – a true friend!

Henk Meijer, Netherlands

Backpacking and photographing the Rainbow Bridge during February is a real challenge, specially when there is record snowing one week before the adventure takes place and temperatures during the hiking days are way below freezing point. The nights in the bivy sack and sleeping bag were something beyond of description, but the days were sunny and warm.

After 1 1/2 days on the trail we arrived the Rainbow Bridge at the bottom. We just came in time to have our shots taken with the warm glow reflecting from the sandstone walls and the snow capped Navajo Mountain in the background. The latter was the reason to have adventured out in these adverse weather conditions.

The entire trip was very well organized by Peter with the permits in place, GPS coordinates to scout through the wilderness, warm breakfast and dinner and beeing an excelent companion who always provides a sense of safety and high professionalism.

Andres Leon-Sanchez, Peru

Peter is not only an excellent photographer, but also well versed in the skills necessary to guide you away from the well beaten paths to fine unique images.

This means he does his homework, is well organized, and has maps and GPS coordinates and the energy to go out into wild places to shoot.

I went with Peter to the Bisti Badlands in New Mexico and came back with some stunning photographs.

I highly recommend tapping into his experience and knowledge of photography and of the Southwest geography for your next shoot.

Steve Semper, California