Dante Peak is a lofty vantage point at 5,465 feet from where you can see most of Death Valley. Below is Badwater, a pool of water set in barren salt flats. Across the valley are the Panamint Mountains and on a clear day you can see the snow capped Sierra Nevada.

Getting there:

Starting your trip from Furnace Creek you will have to drive 25 miles to get to the parking lot at Dante Peak. The entire drive will be a constant elevation as you start at 190 feet below sea level and at the end you will be at 5,465 feet above sea level!

The first 12 miles will be on Route 190 after which you will turn right into Furnace Creek Road for another 7.5 miles before you enter right onto Dante’s View Road. Finally after another 5.5 miles you will reach the parking lot.

You are now looking almost straight down, over one mile below, to the immense panoramic view of Death Valley. For an even more spectacular viewpoint, follow the trail at the northern edge of the parking lot along the ridge, all the way to the very top of Dantes Peak.

Taking shots:

The best time is early morning when the colors still have pastel hues and the sun is barely touching Dante Peak and the Panamin Mountains in the far background.

This spot can also be interesting at sunset if there are some clouds, but that is something quite rare in the Death Valley.

Last update: April 2, 2014