Day 1 – Arrival at Windhoek Airport (Dinner included)
On our first day of the Namibia Photography Tour 2023 we will meet at the airport where we will collect the 4x4s and drive to our guesthouse in Windhoek. You will have time to refresh and rest from your flight. Before dinner we will get together to get to know each other and go over details of our tour, after which we will have dinner together.

Day 2 – Etosha National Park (Breakfast and Dinner included)
On our first complete day of our photography tour we will head to the unique Etosha National Park.
Etosha is a national park in northwestern Namibia and one of the largest national parks in Africa. It was proclaimed a game reserve in 1907 and was elevated to the status of a national park in 1967. It gets its name from the large Etosha pan which is almost entirely within the park. The national park is home to hundreds of species of mammals, birds and reptiles, including several threatened and endangered species such as the black rhinoceros.
We will do a photographic safari here for the next three days. Expect to see baboons, elephants, zebras, giraffes, rhinos, hyenas, jackals, lions, various sorts of antelopes, just to name some of the many animals.

Day 3 – Etosha National Park (Breakfast and Dinner included)
We will continue on our photographic safari by breaking out of our encircled lodge as soon as the gates for the park open and will remain outside until dusk when it is time to return to the nocturnal safety of our lodge.

Day 4 – Etosha National Park (Breakfast and Dinner included)
We will continue on our photographic safari by breaking out of our encircled lodge as soon as the gates for the park open and will remain outside until dusk when it is time to return to the nocturnal safety of our lodge.

Day 5 – Spitzkoppe (Breakfast and Dinner included)
As soon as we finish our breakfast we will get in our 4×4’s and head to Spitzkoppe. Rising gradually from the haze of the desert floor, these mountainous structures are among Namibia’s most recognizable landmark. Millions of years of weathering have resulted in a remarkable array of geological shapes throughout this area, including striking boulders and arched rock formations. We will spend sunset and into the night crafting our images.

Day 6 – Walvis Bay (Breakfast and Dinner included)
We continue our adventure in Namibia towards Walvis Bay. A complete different setting will be met. Experience now cooler temperatures, see marine wildlife and witness the desert meeting the Atlantic Ocean. But, before arriving to Walvis Bay we will drive first along Skeleton Coast and meet a shipwreck. This will be a short and fun photography moment.
Finally, once we arrived in Walvis Bay and did our check in at the hotel we will move on to photograph maritime wildlife along the sea shore and the salty lagoon (flamingos, pelicans, cormorants and with some luck even jackals).

Day 7 – Namib-Naukluft National Park (Breakfast and Dinner included)
We will rise for an early morning to pick up on our maritime wildlife shooting. Thereafter, we will have breakfast, pack up and head to Sossusvlei.
The landscape will quickly change to barren and yet beautiful landscape until reaching Namib-Naukluft National Park which is one of Namibia’s most spectacular landmarks. It is home of the world famous and iconic Sossusvlei and Deadvlei.
Once checked in to our lodge we will press on and drive down the valley to see the last sunlight of the day setting the dunes in colorful flames.

Day 8 – Namib-Naukluft National Park (Breakfast and Dinner included)
We have to drive to the end of the Sossusvlei road, drive a last stretch through deep sand and have a short hike to then enter famous Deadvlei. Here we will find 700 years old dead camel thorn trees reaching out to the sky and contrasting with a white flat pan, surrounded by red sand dunes. Photographing sunrise here will be the climax of the tour!
Afternoon is there to rest and possibly have a refreshing swim in the pool. Late afternoon we will head back to the dunes.

Day 9 – Namib-Naukluft National Park (Breakfast and Dinner included)
Deadvlei and Sossusvlei are such an unique and iconic area that it deserves a second early morning visit. An alternative is an optional scenic helicopter flight or hot air balloon ride over Sossusvlei in the early morning. A helicopter ride can also be an option towards the end of the day as the low sunlight provides magnificent contrast in the dunes and creating wonderful textures in the landscape laying underneath.
Late afternoon we will return to the Tsauchab Valley, Sossusvlei or Deadvlei, according to each participants mood.

Day 10 – Kolmanskop (Breakfast and Dinner included)
We all deserve now a morning that will start with basics. Breakfast at the deck of our lodge seeing the vast landscape leading to the distant sand dunes while thinking back of the past days of our exploration through Sossusvlei and savoring our coffee. You might have the inner satisfaction of mission accomplished.
‘Unfortunately’ we need to move on to make the very long journey to Lüderitz. The drive is long and will take us through the most vast and empty landscape you might have ever seen in your life. We can stop for a photo every now and then.
Depending on the conditions in the evening, there may be the opportunity to travel into the desert for a night photography session beneath the stars at an abandoned railway station to practice your astrophotography skills.

Day 11 – Kolmanskop (Breakfast and Dinner included)
The day starts with a very early morning and a short drive to Kolmanskop Ghost Town. This was once where the Namibian diamond boom started in 1908. It became one of the wealthiest towns in the world despite its isolated location, including a tram, ice making factory and a hospital with the first X-Ray machine in the Southern Hemisphere. The town was abandoned in 1956 and left for nature to reclaim it. The interior of the abandoned houses display a beauty of colors and textures which contrast beautifully with the sand dunes invading the privacy.
Most of the rest of the day is to relax, stroll through Lüderitz, have a coffee or tea with pastry. In the afternoon, we will make our way back to Kolmanskop, ready for a sunset session within the abandoned mining town.

Day 12 – Quiver Tree Forest (Breakfast and Dinner included)
We will return to Kolmanskop for another morning shooting session, now that you know the different houses and their interior you can target on your favorite compositions and and shoot your images at the best moment of light display.
In sequence we will move on, journeying through barren and yet beautiful landscape to get to the Quiver Tree Forest, close to the town of Keetmanshoop.
Quiver trees are actually, despite their size not really trees, but huge aloe plants. These trees are scattered among basalt boulders and with the right light the setting provides incredible photogenic impressions. For those who still did not have enough with the day can go out in darkness and do astrophotography.

Day 13 – Quiver Tree Forest (Breakfast and Dinner included)
We are staying the whole day around Quiver Tree Forest dedicating our full attention to these marvelous trees and its special and rugged landscape.
Our lodge will provide us with brunch and dinner.

Day 14 – Windhoek (Breakfast and Dinner included)
This is the last complete day of our tour. We will rise for an early morning sunrise session at the Quiver Tree Forest, scouting the area for interesting compositions before the first rays of light shimmer over the rugged landscape. Thereafter, we will have breakfast, pack up and head back to Windhoek. After arrival to our guesthouse we will have time to relax and explore the city at your leisure before we meet in the evening for our final dinner as a group.

Day 15 – Departure from Windhoek (Breakfast included)
After breakfast and packing our stuff we will bring our 4×4’s back to the airport and say goodbye. You will be going back home with wonderful memories and remarkable images waiting to be downloaded onto your hard drive, skillfully post processed and printed to finally hang on your walls at home.