Frequently Asked Questions

Is it hot in Tuscany?
It is not particularly hot in May, so be prepared for some cool mornings and evenings and variable weather conditions. The Val d’Orcia is higher located than many other popular Italian destinations.

What kind of clothing should I bring?
Bring comfortable pants. A waterproof jacket is essential in case of rain. A sun hat and a pair of shorts is a good idea, and don’t forget your sunglasses.

Walking shoes are perfect for the countryside, however be aware that during misty mornings, the grass will be very wet with dew and it would be wise to have boots that are waterproof to keep your feet dry. In some cases the fields can be a bit muddy too. We will also visit towns and villages and a pair of sneakers will help keep your feet cool and help for a comfortable walk.

Do I need any insurance?
You are responsible for your own travel and health insurance, please make sure that you are satisfactorily covered.

Is there a lot of walking on the tour?
No, all visited locations are close to main roads. Maximum distance from the car to the photo location is about 600 feet (200 m) and the terrain is mostly flat.

Is there time to relax?
Of course! There is time in the afternoon for doing the things you want, like reading, working on your images, catching up on some sleep, or just relaxing in the sun and enjoying the Tuscan landscape.

What camera kit should I bring?
A wide angle lens (16-35mm), a medium zoom lens (24-70mm) and a longer zoom lens (70-200mm, or even 100-400mm) would be ideal to cover most compositions. These numbers relate to Full-Frame camera. A sturdy tripod is also an absolute must. A polarizer and gradient filters can be very useful too.

Do I need a computer?
Although not essential, it is a great idea to bring a laptop with you so you can discuss your images with the others in the group. We can assist you with editing if you are using Adobe Lightroom and/or Adobe Photoshop.