Workshops & Photo Tours

Lake Powell

October 30 - November 3, 2017

Five days on a houseboat exploring the beauty of Lake Powell.

Adventure for 8 participants, 4 spots left.

Lake Powell, Utah

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Red Rock Country - 8 days photo tourp

October 22 - 29, 2017

This photo tour will give space for 3 participants.

There are still two spots left.

Fisher Tower, Utah

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Any trips I organize or organize with another photographer are private and non-business. I am a physician by trade and I take people along with me on my trips because I enjoy the company and the opportunity to help people get to know and photograph the Southwest. I do not make a business out of it. My goal is to have a pleasant, safe trip with artistic value photography as a result. We share expenses, gear, ideas, and experiences. We do nothing that would require me or a co-host to be a concessionaire or CUA holder in any federal or state lands we may visit or photograph. We will not be going anyplace on public lands that are not generally open to the public. No photographs you take on public lands may be used to promote the sale or use of a product or service. We will not do any "commercial filming" as defined in the Code of Federal Regulations nor will we do any "still photography" that would require a permit from any agency administering any public land which we photograph.

We will respect nature, leave only footprints where we are allowed to leave footprints, and take only our images, memories, and friendships home with us.