Here you will find a description of my photographic trips in the US with info how to get there (maps, GPS positioning), which equipment you would be better advised to take with you, what kind of precautions are indicated, when to go to a specific place ... and many more info related to outdoor and photographic adventures. The list is in active progress!

WARNING! Be advised that many of these travelogues take you into the wilderness.

Wilderness, by definition, is a place without easy access to the facilities and services established to keep people out of trouble or rescue them when they get into it. In the wilderness you are on your own and expected to be self-sufficient in every respect.

Most wilderness areas in North America are under the jurisdiction of some public agency - such as the USDA Forest Service, the National Park Service, or the Bureau of Land Management - that is equipped to help people in emergencies. These agencies recognize that accidents can happen to even the most skilled and experienced outdoors person. Still, such agencies are usually understaffed and underfunded and already busy enough protecting the wilderness from destruction by visitors rather than the other way around.

Increasingly, the use of cell phones to summon aid for people who have gotten into trouble through their own carelessness, ignorance, or lack of preparation has strained to the limit the resources of search-and-rescue organizations, many of which are staffed by volunteers. That is not to say that cell phones have NO place in the backcountry, but they should not be used as substitues for personal responsilbility.

If you do not have any or only minimal to moderate backcountry experience you should be advised not to strain your luck in following most of these travelogues. Before you do so I suggest you to contact me. I will give you personal advice or I can arrange safe guiding as you can see under Photo Tour.


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Last update: February 28, 2015 with a total of 48 travelogues.

The list of travelogues is in constant progress and updates are being done regularly.